Look What's Been Uncovered!

Pictured: Gower and Marge Champion from the Marge Champion collection. Photograph by Nicole Topich. Courtesy of the Music Division of the Library of Congress.

Nicole Topich, Dance Heritage Coalition Fellow assigned to process the Marge Champion collection at the Library of Congress under the Hidden Collections grant, provided a guest post on her discoveries.

"Processing the Marge Champion Collection in the Music Division has been one of the most exciting archives jobs I have held. The collection is not very large, but almost every item I found was interesting or historically significant. Because the collection has such rich material, I have spent a lot of time focusing on the description, content, and context of the collection."

Pictured: Ruth St. Denis and Ted Shawn

On December 4, 2013, Zoe McLeod, a graduate student in the Information Studies program at UCLA, presented on the Ruth St. Denis papers that she had processed under the Foundations of Dance Research project for an event hosted by the Center for Primary Research and Training at the Young Research Library.
Download the powerpoint presentation.